Chairman’s Message

chaimanIt would have been befitting to address ‘Planet Earth’ as ‘Planet Ocean’ with two-third being waters. Surging human multitudes led to pressing demand on food, water and marshland resources. To ensure food and water security, we are harnessing the existing food resources and exploring umpteen ways to improve aquatic food production. Other than hygienic drinking water for the populace, food producing sectors like Agriculture and Aquaculture further demand water. Water resources are the prime need for social, economic growth as well as development of the Emirates.

 ANAF and its principal objectives are to capture and divert human, technological and financial wealth into water resources development sector, catalyse productive growth and deliver human technical solutions for the grand challenges of the Oceans. We strive our best to technically assist in designing and constructing state-of-the-art bioengineering production facilities, in harmony with nature and continued environment-friendly values for aquatic food production. These objectives, backed by our fund of knowledge on Ocean sciences and biological economies makes us competitive on these lines as well as allied sectors.

ANAF, as fruit of a model public-private partnership is a deemed key player in this mission, leveraging synthesis of know-how and their contextual applicability to the agro-pisciculture sector, identifying any proficiency gaps and prioritising future research works.  The knowledge key on ethnic fish species propagation for farming is judiciously much-focused to national needs. There is a dire need to build knowledge synthesis capacity to support a wider adoption and application of these aquatic food-productive methods in research, commerce and policy-making. Henceforth, a broader integration of knowledge synthesis methods is vital to ensure that best available site-specifically derived expertise is used to support intellectual-exchange amongst all end-users.

UAE has long recognized the potential of mariculture to help meet the regional demand for fish and other marine products and thereby relieving pressure on fisheries. Continual research is on, to evaluate and apply specific advancements and to overcome principal challenges related to the application of these methods in the agro piscicultural food sector.  Eventually, becoming a diligent and assiduous Champion for the Emirates, ANAF shoulders its cause with an indomitable spirit, engendering sensible synergies on public-private partnerships for answering all paradigm needs from land to sea within every hydrographic segment and level of economic interest.